Iran 1963 Reel 2 of 25

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:54
Film ID F16-0228
Film Description Reel 2 of 25
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 228 1963: Reel 2 Iran. Mar. 30-Apr. 1. Ramsar; Pahlavi; Manjil

Thatched building.
Chicken coop.
Tin ornament on house .
Rice Fields.
Rice storage platform on stilts.
Plowing rice field: wooden plow (cu).
Men in boots.
Rat-guard on storage hut stilts.
Shrubbery at Ramsar hotel.
Fish-smoking shed.
Men pulling nets from Caspian Sea.
Temporary ropes on net rope.
Means of attaching temporary ropes to net ropes.
Fishing boat, painted oars.
Ramsar hotel. Steps.
Garden (on way to Pahlavi).
Large four-handled pot (xcu).
Rice paddy: note different levels of water.
Means of diverting stream for irrigation. Wall of sticks
Fishing using three-pronged spear.
Fishing with a net.
Tiled house: entrance to roof, ventilator.
Steep thatched roof: grass growing on it.
Shelter for threshing rice.
Old bridge: arched, painted.
Bridge: tree trunk over creek.
Tribesmen fishing in river.
People in ferry.
Wooden rice plow at store.
Fish at market.
Utensils: clay, wooden (cu).
Wooden sandals (cu).
House. Feed bag.
Thatched two-story house.
Irrigation: diverting water with poles.
Girl washing dishes at stream: using dirt to scour.
House framework held together by reed thongs (cu)
Fishing boat: note jug, water "scoop." (cu).
Launching a boat.
Repairing fish nets.
Nets drying.
"Tea lunch counter."
Fishing: pulling in nets.
Nets along shore, j
Shuttle for repairing nets (cu).
Pottery (cu).
Irrigation: water diverted with poles.
Cable car over river (en-route to Manjil).
Ladder steps. Path to home.
Beef carcass on way to market.
Bailey bridge. Damat Manjil.
Lime kiln area.
Crude bridge over river.
Balloon sail on Caspian Sea.
Fish nets on shore.
Fishing: drawing in nets.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Ramsar, Pahlavi, Manjil, Caspian sea, Fishing