East Africa 1961 Reel 25 of 46

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:34

Film ID F16-0205
Film Description Cat. Reel 205 1961: Reel 25: East Africa. Feb. 9-11. Soroti. Mbale. Moroto. (Uganda)

Hindu temple (Soroti).
Grass and mud hut under construction.
Chicken coop.
Making beer: preparing the millet.
Grain storage under construction.
Dugout canoe.
Baby cradle.
Hindu temple.
Grinding grain.
Drinking beer from common jar using tubes (mws).
Ostrich-quill drinking-straw.
Village doctor: medicine, drum.
Removing water to lower water-level.
Chicken coop, log.
Grain storage buildings.
Loading fish net into boat.
Loading the Nakalugo ferry.
Bundle of fish.
Fish drying.
Lightning rod on house.
Smoke house.
Cattle drive.
Women fishing with baskets.
"Fishing" under grass.
Storage building. Shelter.
Geological cone (en-route to Moroto).
Karamojong person in tree.
Karamojong in traditional attire
Wrist knife.
Karamojong: ear decoration, hairstyle.
Karamojong village: manyatta - note openings.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner