East Africa 1961 Reel 14 of 46

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:48

Film ID F16-0194
Film Description Reel 14 of 46
Unedited travelogue
Lake Rudolf


Reel 194 1961: Reel 14: East Africa. Jan. 21. Lodwar. Lokichar.

Cup and dishes near hut.
"Swizzle stick" made of vertebrae (cu).
Fishing village: huts, People (mws).
Camels (beyond Lodwar, going south).
Well in sand. Turkana person.
Wooden water-carrying dishes.
People. Wooden and leather utensils.
Termite hill on rock.
Turkana dancing, large group.
Lip plug. Knee bells.
Long leather container
Turkana girls neck beads, lip plug.
Well. Camels.
Gathering water in wooden or gourd dishes, (ws).
Lava pebbles (10 miles outside Lokichar).
Road over lava pebbles.
Meeting of Turkana chiefs and elders under a tree.
Turkanas using spear as knife. Note thumb rings.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Lodwar, Lokichar, Kenya, Turkana people
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