India 1959 Reel 15 of 31

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:59
Film ID F16-0164
Film Description Reel 15 of 31
Unedited travelogue


Reel 15 of 31
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 164 1959: Reel 15: India. Dantewara. Jaipur

Buffalo dance, Muria Adivasis.
Pounding grain. Axe.
Narrow looms. (underexposed).
Twisting rope using toe.
People (cu).
Wedding ceremony. String instruments.
Mahua fermenting (used for cooking) (cu).
Man climbing tree.
Distillation apparatus (-see K.'s note on manufacture of liquor
from flowers of mahua tree.).
Man playing flute.
A green plant: cotyledon split open.
Building a fire using friction.
Rain hat and coat made of reeds.
Making reed brooms.
Ants (a source of food).
Wedding ceremony: 15 year old bride, 13 year old groom).
Decorated masks.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Weaving, Wedding rituals, Dantewara, Jaipur, Distillation, Dance, Muria people, Adivasis