New Guinea 1957 Reel 39 of 44

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:31
Film ID F16-0143
Film Description Reel 39 of 44
Unedited travelogue
Mt. Hagen


Cat. Reel 143 1957 Reel 39:New Guinea . June 16-19. Goroke. Mt.Hagen (home of Mike Leahy, a pioneer).

People with decorated faces
Feather decorations (at Goroke fair).
Exhibit of fishing flies (?) (Goroke fair).
Warrior in full battle dress (Goroke fair).
Woman with piglet (Goroke fair).
People in groups (Goroke fair).
Man eating joint of pork (Goroke fair).
Performers and onlookers (Goroke fair).
Girl with decorated skin (poss. a bride)
Cooking on stones. A participant in festival.
Women in circle eating roasted food.
People at festival.
Men moving stones on a road.
Village. Men. (Mt. Hagen).
Women: nearly naked.
Pig on a string. Man.
Men talking. ( cu).
Wahgi Valley.
Gardening using a stick.
Pointed sticks in a circle (roasting pit?)
Man sharpening knife on stone.
Women with pig in garden (ws).
Children standing before hut.
Man with hair covering (cu).
Woman carrying child on her back, (cu).
Circular hut with storage structure.
Sing-sing grounds.
Four men building a fire. Splitting reeds for basket-weaving.
Man talking (cu).
A white powder (ground taro?)
Roof with a thatch "cap".
Fence along garden boundary.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Goroke, Goroke fair, Papua New Guinea, Wahgi Valley, Mt. Hagen