New Guinea 1957 Reel 36 of 44

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:27
Film ID F16-0140
Film Description Reel 36 of 44
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 140 1957: Reel 36: New Guinea. June 6-12 Lae. Goroke.

Village (near Lae).
Raincoat made of pandanus leaf.
Cooking food.
Abacus in use.
Chopping down a tree.
Yams. Taro.
Village people (near Lae).
Man (mws in profile).
Two people at roadside.
Pandanus leaf used as rain shelter.
Toilets: "Belong Meri," "Belong Boi." [Signs in Tok Pisin]
Boat aground in creek: wading ashore.
Stoal used as headrest.
Village scenes.
Animal; lemur or loris.
Aerial views (Lae - Madang - Goroke).
Marklam and Ramu Rivers. Mountains.
New Guinea villagers (in grey shirts)possibly being introduced to city.
for first time. (Goroke).
Boy with mouse. Man in traditional dress (cu).
Men and women in traditional dress preparing food.
Thatch roofed bridge. Villagers in full costume.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Lae, Goroke, Village life, Abacus, Papua New Guinea, Tok Pisin

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