Cambodia 1957 Reel 24 of 44

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:23
Film ID F16-0128
Film Description Reel 24 of 44
Unedited travelogue
Siem Reap River


Cat. Reel 128 1957: Reel 24: Cambodia. April 25-29 Siem Reap River, Cambodia.
Man playing jaw harp.
Ruin. (Angkor Wat)
Tree roots covering ruin; gate, [mcu]
Carved elephant.
Stone-carved doorway.
Fishing, using baskets.
Vine held by spider. (Spider thread can be seen by looking closely)
Stone carved statues.
Man working in paddy,[ws]
Inter-locked stones.
Ants; note: formation.
Woman carrying farm implements (threshers?).
Rice mill using "arm" or lever to rotate.
Crossing river.
Pots on ground.
Cooking, (at a shrine?)
Pulling water from well.
Chopping, (vegetable?)
Drying beans/seeds in sun.
Writing, (calligraphy?)
Making rope/cord, (using foot.)
Thatched hut. Children.
A grinding implement.(?)
Cross bow and man.
Exquisite stone carving; intricate.
Flimsy foot bridge.
Foot operated beam to pound fish
Huts on river.
Fishing with nets in Siem Reap.
People on road carrying things.
Boats on river.
Water wheels on river.
Getting water from river with bucket and rope.
Village on pilings.
People on road.
Siem Reap River.
Platform on pilings.
Men grinding something which dries in sun.
Eating a meal.
Cleaning fish, [cu]
Village on pilings.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Siem Reap River, Cambodia, Angkor Wat