India 1955 Reel 21 of 24

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:45
Film ID F16-0101
Film Description


Reel 21 of 24
Unedited travelogue
(misidentified as Nepal)
Oxen turning mortar and pestle oil mill.
Fortress on hill.
Nest on top of tree/pole.
Form of bow drill.
A stone carving.
Stone carrier working. (mws).
Block statue. (cu).
Drinking water from spout.
Sacred bulls.
Making bracelets from a resin (Several operations, heat used).
Woman carrying large basket.
Man filling skin water bag.
Resin working (making bangle bracelets).
Inserting "jewels" in bracelet - note warming pan.
Making resin bangle bracelets.
Stock of bangles (resin).
Band/orchestra (mws).
Dying of cloth.
Crowded bus.
A fort on hill.
A [Rabari] camp (note wooden wheels, bubble pipe, double skin bellows, portable anvil).
Potters' stick wheel.
Cattle and carts on road.
Breaking stone.
Temple on hill.
Road scenes (note peacock).
Large well.
Several sadhus [sanyasi], (mws).
Covered bird cages and man carrying them.
Making rope.
Fort on hill.
Handling stone to make road shoulder. Women handling stones.
Small spindle (Kathmandu).
Straw hats.
Stropping razor on wrist.
Painting umbrella.
Cow with log hobble.
Making rope.
Flying kite.
Hunting lice.
Washing in stream.
Pole and radiating string to keep birds from rice fields.
Palanquin, country road.
Shrines under tree (ws).
Stone hammer (mws).
Metal worker.
Camel (India) - on way to Jaipur.
Shelter in field (ws, mws).
Carrying a bed.
People on road: Note palm tree.
A well.
Home-made musical instrument w/ resonating chamber.
Oil mill (dark).
Village hut.
Barber shop.
Loaded cart.
Buzzards in field.
Women carrying bundles on head (ws).
Primitive school room.
Clay grain storage.
Well, cleaning teeth with two fingers.
Bride with elaborate necklaces and earrings. (cu).
Girl with earrings.
A manger.
Rope-making (note use of toe).
Pounding peppers.
Outdoor mill stone.
A grass hut.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics India, Jaipur, Kathmandu, Nepal, Sadhu, Sanyasi, Jewelry making, Jewelry