Nepal 1955 Reel 19 of 24

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:52
Film ID F16-0099
Film Description


Reel 19 of 24
Unedited travelogue

Top knot on boy. (cu).
Lady weaving.
Man using flint for fire.
Woman using hip loom.
Raymond Lambert Expedition leaving hotel in Katmandu to ascend Ganesh Himal (24,325'elevation)
Rice field.
Kitchen woman.(wms)
Dance group (cost me 40 rupees).
Unidentified masked dance of Hinduism or Buddhism, celebrated by the Newari ethnic group. Bhaktapur (Sept. 3, 1955)
Note headdress, hair, masks, bells below knees.
Orchestra, street.
Fanning a kiln.
Kiln (Note long "pipe" at right).
Pottery making. Girl, (mws).
Newari Dance: Many cu of characters (marks, headdress, chest decorations, bells
Carrying pottery using poles (Bhadgaon) (over-exposed at 8:18).
Corn storage on tree. (in village).
Carrying stones and pottery on poles.
Carrying a cabinet.
Terrace rice fields.
Wrapping wire/ribbon around yarn. (mws).
Drying peppers in street.
A small temple. (mws).
Boy making rope, using feet and hands. (mws)
Paved street.
A temple.
Firewood market.
A shrine.
Stone carved elephants.
Dismantled ceremonial wagon. Large wheel.
Man with tassel, sewing. (cu).
Temples and decorations.
Woman pounding cloth.
Making warp thread, (slightly over-exposed).
A battery of "stick" potter's wheels.
Pottery drying.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Nepal, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Newaris, Newari people