Kashmir 1955 Reel 14 of 24

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:52

Film ID F16-0094
Film Description Reel 14 of 24
Unedited travelogue
Anchar Lake


1955: Reel 14: Kashmir. August 17-19. Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Anchar Lake

Reed cord shoes.
Low log cabin.
People on grass.
Bearded elder.
Doorway, to home.
Street scene in Pahalgam.
Jewelry store. (mws)
Street scenes
Log on rock, in river.
On way to Sonamarg;
Thatch-roofed house.
Base of enormous tree (used for shelter).
Car trouble.
Milking cows.
Eating from common dish.
Fishing in river.
Wood market & note tripod for scales.
Man carrying in wood on back.
People on road.
Lady with silver neck-piece (side view of braids).
Another lady with nose piece.
Grass-covered flat roof hut.
Building on a small hill.
Muslims sitting on wall.
Man with beard.
Three on horse-back - note shoes of people.
Three men on road.
Raceway to mill.
Drifted snow over creek.
Mountain pasture.
Tent and tree branches.
Huts along river.
Several mountain people: necklace and nose
Primitive grass-covered hut.
River scene and foot bridge across river.
Woman with two pots on head.
Pounding grain.
Lake and boat scenes.
Two boys with slats. (mws)
Reed tied up at home. (over-exposed)
A canal and boat.
A tall wood building of shutters.
A red boat "post office"
Tall boat load of baskets.
A canal channel.
Boat channel, Meeting another boat in channel.
Deep cut channel.
Boat house.
Charcoal burner using a basket.
Snow shoes.
Girls with heavy earrings. (cu)
Material under eve of house.
Carrying grass.
High Thatch-roofed building.
A stove.
Hut for animals.(cu)
Thatch-roofed building.
Pounding grain.(cu)
Boys in field, (ws)
Wax paper on shutter to keep out cold and admit light.
Men forming warp thread.
Spindle, (mws)
A weaving loom.
Five-story building.
Carpet on loom (six months to make, 2000 rupees).
Several lake scenes.
"Store" boat with side opening (ws).
Creek with stepping stones.
Rock field created by flood waters.
Wood collected in piles.
Rocky land due to washout.
Lake Wular.
House scenes.
Lady with heavy earrings.
Repairing rice paddy.
Calf; chicken, (mws)
Two-holed wood clay stove.
Lake Wular.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Kashmir, India, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Anchar Lake, Wular Lake
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