Kashmir 1955 Reel 13 of 24

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:46

Film ID F16-0093
Film Description Reel 13 of 24
Unedited travelogue


Reel 13 of 24
Unedited travelogue

1955: Reel 13: Kashmir. August 16-17 Srinagar.

Gardens; people and carpet in garden.
A lake: Note bridge in distance [ws].
Gardens and mountains.
Red stone-carved buildings.
Fruit for sale: lunch counter.
Multi-paddle canoe.
Boats and house boats.
Woman collecting grass from a floating island.
House boats, note steps or ladders.
Carrying stones on shoulder.
Making; rope by hand.
Note: porch on house boat, above ridge pole.
Many multi-storied buildings.
Red [Ganesh] shrine; various scenes.
Groups of people. Note: long beard, [mws]
Six or seven-storied wooden buildings.
Loading split logs on boat.
Sugar/honey. (Note bees.)
Several views of narrow streets.
Painting a pot or a vase, [cu]
Decorating a cylinder.
Decorating a pot. (Note brush's sharpness) [cu]
Re-decorated dishes.
Several views of zardari embroidery, including 'gold' thread,
Laundry work.
Locks between two lakes; difference in water level of 2-1/2 to 3 feet,
House boat.
Canoe with bags of grass.
Garden flowers.
Cutting a stone dish with chisel.
A grain-grinding hand mill.
Water jugs on head.
Grass growing in roof of cottage.
Lunch counter.
Scales for vendors
Line of children.
Several large clay storage vessels and ruins of Awantipura site, 800 years old.
Farm house showing how things are stored.
Two ladies pounding grain.
Two girls with earrings of silver,[cu]
Groups at pottery village.
Potter's wheel, stick propelled.
View showing pivot and recess in wheel.
Making medium large pots; paddling the clay.
Kiln and furnace section.
Potter using paddles.
Details of a spinning machine, [cu]
Storage in a home.
Sadhu smoking marijuana.
Old ruin.
Small reed mat.
Making bricks.
Fakir/machine man. (Note:"bump" on head) [cu]
Fish in tank/lake.
Lunchtime for a row of men.
Cooking in fat.
Roasting corn.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Kashmir, Srinagar, Awantipora, Archaeological sites, Ruins, Antiquities, Sikh people, Shaivites
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