East Africa 1952 Reel 10 of 10

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:56

Film ID F16-0070
Film Description Reel 10 of 10
Unedited travelogue
Masai Village
return to Nairobi


Reel 10 of 10
Unedited travelogue
Masai Village
return to Nairobi

1952: Reel 10: East Africa. August 6-7. Masai village; return to Nairobi.

Eating meat. Maasai in traditional dress, around a fire.
Carving meat using flat metal blades. Note: headdress, shield, spears.
People leaving celebration.
Knee bell.
People at gathering. Note: spears. (Distant shot.)
Girls. Colorful, elaborate beaded collars. (some cu)
Girls eating.
Man eating marrow of bone.
People eating.
Masai, wanting a ride, help unload safari car.
Animal on the plain. (very dark)
Large, thatched "investment" building.
Building a straw walled hut: construction details.
Smoked or scorched hut: wall frame of sticks or straws.
Dugouts on lake shore. (some cu)
Poling a dugout.
Dugout with string "hawser". Launching a dugout.
Fish just caught.
Termite hills in jungle.
"Garage" with peaked skin roof, other buildings.
Flat-roofed hut. Low rectangular stick hut.
Old woman. Cat.
Roof used as cupboard. Gourds and baskets on roof.
Cattle in desert.
Scarification on woman’s face.
Nature woman.
Nature men. (some cu)
Skin drying in sun.
Naked, well-powdered boy.
Two flat top huts and yard.
Scarification on woman's face.
Large flat top hut with "cupboard".
A highway "grader". Wooden sledge pulled by tractor.
Pile of grain.
Buildings along highway.
Safari car.
Tea shop.
Various scenes: note: large (6 feet) woven basket. People, buildings, good for sale.
Roadside scenes and market scenes.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Kenya, Nairobi, Maasai, Masai, Maasai people, Marketplaces