East Africa 1952 Reel 9 of 10

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:59

Film ID F16-0069
Film Description Reel 9 of 10
Unedited travelogue
Maasai Village


1952: Reel 9: East Africa. August 5-6. Maasai village.

Girl with reeds, binding legs.
Girl coming out of gate with wire band around legs.
Woman plastering cow dung on top of flat roof. (mws)
Heavy load of wood.
More dung plastering.
General view of village huts.
Several views of huts.
Close-up of woman plastering dung onto a grass thatching.
Carrying skin.
Sieving ochre.
Close-up of Masai warrior with glass bottle in ear lobe.
Cattle in manyatta.
Applying ochre to hair.
Shaving head.
Woman, skin cloak, baby on back.
Bashful girl with leg bands.
Mr. Kintner shaking hands with old man.
Cattle in distance.
Roasting pieces of raw meat on sticks.
Young children having preliminary dance.
Young Maasai girl, ochre on face, wide neckpiece, armband and skin cape
People arriving.
One Maasai group becomes possessed due to dancing.
Calming dancer coming out of possession.
Men starting to dance, girls watching.
Close-up of girls dancing.
Close-up of men dancing with masks of feathers.
Girls and men. (mws)
More dancing.
Girl with coils around legs and lower part flopping.
Spears in circle.
Maasai dancing, (note: foot track in earth.)
Maasai dancer having a "fit", guarded by friend.
Maasai with skin shields.
Maasai warrior and mask. (cu)
Maasai faces and hairstyles, (cu)
Bell on knee. (decoration-cu)
Many Maasai going home or to next village.
Boy with head feathers near safari car. (xcu)
Note: skillful carving.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Maasai, Masai, Kenya, Maasai people, Dancing, Dance
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