French Morocco 1951 Reel 3 of 10

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:51
Film ID F16-0053
Film Description Reel 3 of 10
Unedited travelogue


1951: Reel 3: French Morocco. Demnate and Ouarzazate, June 26

Stream in village of Demnate and waterfall.
Small footbridges.
Houses and stork on chimney.
Narrow alley with walls of adjacent buildings.
Woman carrying object on head, [ws]
Small tents.
Woman with shawl, [mws]
Woman with shawl.
Countryside: Atlas Mountains, [donkey in foreground]
Large houses and cattle.
Kraal with shrubbery fence.
Red house, pillars, porch.
Road sign.
Petrol station. [dark; mws]
On way to Ouarzazate.
Dry riverbed.
"Kasbah" with cattle kraal.
Cattle being driven out of kraal.
Rocky mountain.
Man in yellow waistcoat and turban, [perforated; cu]
House with stone steps, [mws of 2 natives against house]
Hut with small windows.
More Kasbahs. [4 shots]
Woman with baby.
Valley in Atlas Mountains, [ws]
Zigzag road on mountain-side.
Large stone held up by eroded soil.
Shoveling charcoal. [2 men on hillside]
Flowers and huts.
"Raceway" along main road.
Grain, huts and terrace farms.
Large truck carrying manganese.
Mountain and village, [village mws, then 3 landscapes]
Large palace of local ruler. [6 mws]
Narrow valley.
Palaces of local rulers. [mw-xw shots]
Pottery made in caves. [3 shots; last one has man walking]
Man sleeping under truck.
Road signs.
Building. [3 shots]
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Demnate, Ouarzazate, Morocco, Kasbah, Ceramics, Pottery
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