"Mexico [trip]" 1936 Reel 1 of 4

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:36

Film ID F16-0007
Film Description Reel 1 of 4
[This footage was likely taken on Kintner's ocean trip to Mexico in 1936 which stopped at many ports of call in the Caribbean, West Indies and South America]
Unedited travelogue


"S.S. Scanpenn leaves New York for Caribbean Cruise, January 24-February 18, 1936.” [title]
Cruise map.
Donkey cart. Buildings: shingle, brick.
Cattle in a field. Wooden shack. Tin shack. Straw shack.
Surf on rocky coast.
Family: boy with tiny ukulele.
Old fort, surrounding hills.
Circular stone structure with tin roof: storage( ? ).
Street scenes: shuttered windows.
Fruit or nut in tree; bananas; flowers. -,
House: niche for vases in outside wall.
Various scenes. Design scratched in stone.
Houses along a street. Horses and carts. Ramps over street excavation. People.
Oxcart with very large wheels.
Street scenes: people.
"Entering port at Martinique, a possession of France”
Houses and boats along the docks. Street scenes; distant scenery.
"Martinique. Ruins of St. Pierre From Eruption of Mont Pele. 1902!”(Title.) Ruins.
Arched bridge; outside oven (?).Statue of a woman.
Stone wall along river or bay. Boats.
Houses decorated with flags.
Workmen inside ribs of unfinished boat.
People. Trees.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Martinique, Ocean travel