1936: Reel 3: British Guyana (1936)

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:47

Film Description Lowboat paddled on river; dugout (?)
Riverbank: view from river. More boats.
Thatch roofed houses with post-and-stick walls. Girls at village;
note: nose ring.
Modern town; frame houses.
Low boats at dock: resemble canals. Note one with thatched cabin.
Palm-lined streets. People with turbans, robes, carrying
goods on heads.
"British Guiana. Demerara. Georgetown, capital. . . "
"Feeding The Manatee or Rare Water Cow. " [title]
Feeding a water cow. View of lily pond, flowers.
[probably British Guyana)
Street scenes: woman selling liquid from cans.
"Trinidad. Hindu Temple where Watson had to take off his
shoes!" [title]
Wooden building with arched door and windows, picket fence.
South Asian man in dhoti, possibly Sikh.
Row of wooden bridges over canal.
House built on posts. Street scenes: cars, buildings, horse
and carriage.
Large barge: man at huge oar or tiller.
Man with monkey.
Street scenes. South Asian man in turban and robe. Carriage traffic.
Sailboats or schooners at anchor. Dockside buildings.
"Grenada and St Vincent. Breadfruit Brought by Capt. Bligh in H. M. S. Bounty. " (title)
Washing clothes in river. Scenery. Man with fruit (for sale?)
Town along bay-shore: pan from the bay.
Streets and buildings in town. Dockside scones.
"Sugar plantations on the Barbados. . . " [title]
Piles of sticks, probably sugar cane.
Video Category Travelogue
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