[1941]: Reel 1-A: Mexico

Category: Travelogue

Length: 13:26

Film Description Streets, buildings, traffic.
Stone wash basins along wall for community use.
Wall; homes by stream.
Church tower ( ? ).
Wash drying; street of poor houses.
Scenes of city; poor homes.
Stone-carved facade.
Countryside: streams, vegetation, [distant pan shots]
Thatched hut: high conical roof.
Landscaped grounds; large, stone building.
Jungle. Wooden building with leaf-thatched roof.
Flowers, vegetation.
Views in a fairly large city.
Carved skulls or faces on stones in pile.
Stone carvings: skulls and bones on stelae.
Large hollowed boulder, prob. a mortar.
Stone metate, grinder.
Stone carving: seated figure.
Fountain. Building topped by large sculpture.
Advertising sign. Large domed arch or bandstand (?).
Modern city; distant rooftop views.
Gardens, planter along modern house walls
Notes by other contributors: “This filming can not be from 1933. It must be 1940 or later, because the film "There is the detail", starring Cantinflas (whose image comes out in a marquee at 12:25 min), was filmed in 1940.”
Video Category Travelogue