Great Riddles in Archaeology Lecture Series: Ötzi the Iceman

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Length: 1:04:59
Video Date 02/01/2012
Film Description Dr. Thomas Tartaron
February 1, 2012

In 1991, two German tourists discovered a frozen body emerging from the melting ice of a glacier in the Alps along the Italian-Austrian border. Although it was initially believed to be a modern corpse, it quickly became apparent that the body was quite ancient, mummified naturally in the frozen environment. The discovery set off a frenzy of examinations and testing, as well as a series of disputes about the discovery and ownership of the mummy, Great and even claims of a "mummy's curse." Nicknamed "Ötzi" after the Ötz Valley in which he was found, the male mummy has been dated to approximately 5,300 years ago. Dr. Thomas Tartaron, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania, recounts the story of Ötzi's discovery and subsequent investigation, separating fact from fiction.
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