PUM I AUTOPSY, edited version

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Film Description From the University of Pennsylvania Archives; The mummy is PUM I (which stands for Pennsylvania University Museum), and dates to ca. 850 BCE (3rd Intermediate Period).
The autopsy was carried out in 1972 at the Penn Museum. The autopsy revealed that the person was a man who died in the range of 35-45 years. The body was poorly preserved, and they concluded that the body was likely not fully mummified. Cause of death was not determined but from a section of skin on the leg, it was discovered that this man had a skin disease called subcorneal pustular dermatosis.
The mummy was brought to the US for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis and purchased by John Wanamaker for the museum. It was brought to the museum in1905 and was on display for a long time before it was autopsied.
Appearing in the film are conservators of Penn Museum, and Egyptologists including: Michael Zimmerman, Theodore A. Reyman, Aidan Cockburn, Eve Cockburn, Soloman Katz.
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