Tikal Project - 1959 #1

Category: Travelogue

Length: 19:26

Film ID F16-0481
Film Description Shotlist:

P 6 Tikal 1959 400' 16mm color, copy 14:00
April 28 Betty Smithe at Stela 10, Great Plaza.

Satterthwaite at Stela 4. Three views of Pyramid I, with Betty on structural stairway in blue. Telephoto of Temple 1 doorway. Views from top of Pyramid 39 to I and to Plaza to small pyramids including 34 and Temple II.

Bill Coe at Great Plaza stairway. (May 2 or 3) At work on Stela 5, with tripod and block and fall, anc. with George Guillemin. General view of Plaza and Temple I (about May 5)»

Bill Coe & George Guillemin turning over the Stela 3, with laborers.

Close up of Stela 28 alone.

Stela 15, with Satterthwaite recording glyphs and Guillemin repairing it.

Satterthwaite, about May 3, at Altar 7 (?), in front of Pyramid 32.

Loading fragments on truck for safekeeping at Bodega or storage-house.

Note April 28 again June 6 June 21

Pyramid Structure 4E 36 Q complex Group, being rebuilt. West stairway and facades. Short shot of intermediate building 4E37.

Marquez & F.B0S. at Pyramid 78
Same structure after collapse following very heavy rains
camera trouble and " freeze frames

View of Small Pyramid 34. Another view of 34. Men digging tunnel into 34 towards Burial Chamber. Ed Shook leaving the tunnel followed by Stuart Scott. Ed & Stuart Studying and conferring re work on this area. Miscellaneous work at the area, much dirt. View of trench through pyramid 34.

June Stuart Scott at Burial 10 below Pyramid 34, showing part of exposed 1st skeleton and pink Spondylus shells from Gulf of Mexico and polished green jade beads. "Freeze frames", one including laborer Juan. Views showing partly "exposed pottery (see Life Magazine Oct. 26, 1959), Right to left, black cylinder with cover tipped, stucco cylinder, stucco bird with snake in bill and straddling a couch shell, stucco cylinder with cover, and further left part of the main skeleton with • beads and shells.

Cleaning potsherds at camp. Ceramics from Burial 9 (near the oldest Stela 29). Set up on board near the Cibal Aguada. Steadily closer views, then details of large incised cylinder #52, Incensario Cover #20, Incensario Bowl #15, Olla #29 and other ceramics. Detail of Olla 29 and Cylinder 25 with basal "screwhead" border, and another including Incised cylinder #52. Closeup of cylinder 52 showing Pyramid, steps,.Temple with a figure in it, Priest figure on temple steps and another plumed figure facing him. This cylinder was piano relief , about a foot and one half in diameter. The design repeated three times around the outer surface with with some variations and with some portions missing. A mano and metate (a roller and grinding plate for grinding corn) with Norman Johnston's hands demonstrating action and fit

Jade mosaic mask from Temple 34_ (again with Norman Johnston's hands). Ceramics from Temple 34 Burial 10.(See Life Magazine 10/26/1959). Two black cylinders with covers and hand figures. 1 of these alone. Stucco bowl with cover Two stucco cylinders with covers and bird figures. Earplug. A stucco bird figure with snake in bill, straddling a conch shell, shown in five freeze frame positions and held by Keith Dixon.

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