Tikal Project - 1957

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:52

Film ID F16-0724
Film Description Duplicate of other Tikal footage (?)
Unedited footage


William Cox II (1926-2009) Bill Coe, using a plane-table alidade.
Baby monkeys
Froelich Rainey (1907-1992), standing with Edwin M. Shook(1911-2000), and a man holding a dowser(looking for water)

Felling a tree; Digging around some stones; Sorting through pottery fragments; Feeding chickens. Man with what looks like surveying equipment. Spider monkeys. Cleaning a stela. Short shot of airplane arriving. Two men examining dead bird with blue neck and head. Shot of stella. People, including women, arriving at the site. Stela with lots of glyphs and pictures on it. People arriving on an airplane. Laborers burning brush. People departing. Digging in a quarry. Clearing small brush [10:45] Filling canisters with water. Water dowser [12:06]
Dr. Froelioh Rainey, Henry Gross the famous "water-dowser", Ed Shook, Jim Hazard, on water searching project; Kenneth Roberts recommended Gross highly.

Grinding meal and making tortillas. Climbing down the sheer side of a temple by ropes. Sawing up logs. Burning brush. Workers having a picnic lunch.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Tikal Project
Topics Tikal, Antiquities, Maya antiquities, Coe, William R. II, Rainey, Froelich, Shook, Edwin M, Archaeological fieldwork, University Museum expeditions