Graduate Certificate in Archaeological Science

The Graduate Certificate in Archaeological Science is aimed at students who want to add a scientific approach and interdisciplinary perspective to their studies. The certificate is open to Penn students admitted and already enrolled in a graduate program (Master or Ph.D.). Students from any School or department can apply to the Graduate Certificate in Archaeological Science.

Certificate Requirements

2 Required Courses (2 CU) from following list (taken at grad level)

ANTH 567Living World in Archaeological Science
ANTH 521Material World in Archaeological Science
CLST 562Introduction to Digital Archaeology

2 Elective Courses (2 CU) from following list

Any CAAM course listed at 400+ level (listed on CAAM website). Other related courses must be approved by the CAAM Director or Lab Coordinator before they may count towards the completion of the Graduate Certificate in Archaeological Science. Requests for substitution are made via email to

ANTH 415Archaeology of Animals
ANTH 404Intro to the Human Skeleton
ANTH 440Plants and Society
ANTH 435The Past Preserved: Conservation in Archaeology
CLST 512Petrography of Cultural Materials
CLST 545Spatial Analysis of the Past
ANTH 533Archaeobotany Seminar
ANTH 552Archaeometallurgy Seminar
ANTH 572Geophysical Prospection for Archaeology
ANTH 592Bioarchaeology: Peoples of the Past
ANTH 633Forensic Archaeology
+Independent Study Courses

Additional Requirements

Successful completion of a research project (thesis chapter, lecture, publication, etc.) overseen by a CAAM teaching specialist or affiliated faculty member.

Satisfactory grade: B or better in all 4 courses

Application Materials

  • A letter stating your interest in studying archaeological science, an idea of the courses or topics you plan to explore and a short statement of the research project you wish to undertake.
  • Resume
  • Your program of study, your department/School and the name and email of your advisor
  • Send application materials to Marie-Claude Boileau at