Minor in Archaeological Science

The Minor in Archaeological Science consists of six course units. Of these six, four will be CAAM classes from introductory, intermediate and advanced levels; one must be an advanced class with an archaeological science research component (the capstone class); and one must be a class in the archaeology or culture of a relevant area.

The capstone course will provide a research experience, and the archaeology/culture class will emphasize the importance of developing an interpretive framework for the scientific analysis. The remaining four classes could be, for example, the introductory class and three intermediate classes, or the introductory class, two intermediate classes, and an advanced class, or some other combination of CAAM courses.

CAAM, the Center for Analysis of Archaeological Materials which is jointly administered by SAS and the Penn Museum, is responsible for supervising students in the Minor. It is carried out by members of the CAAM Faculty Steering Committee and CAAM Staff. Additional support will be provided by the Department of Anthropology.

To Declare

Students interested in declaring a Minor in Archaeological Science should contact Dr. Marie-Claude Boileau at mboileau@upenn.edu.