Archaeobotany Lab.

Archaeobotany Lab

Research in the Archaeobotany Laboratory centers on the analysis and interpretation of plant material recovered from archaeological sites.

Archaeometallurgy Lab.

Archaeometallurgy Lab

The Archaeometallurgy Laboratory at CAAM facilitates research and teaching on ancient and historical metal objects and their production.

Ceramics Lab.

Ceramics Lab

The Ceramics Laboratory is dedicated to compositional analysis of ceramics and the study of pyro-technological processes as applied to earthen materials.

Digital Archaeology Lab.

Digital Archaeology Lab

The Digital Archaeology Laboratory is dedicated to providing students training in digital data collection and analysis techniques including field metrology, 3D data acquisition and visualization, database design and management, spatial analysis, and remote sensing including archaeological geophysics.

Zooarchaeology Lab.

Zooarchaeology Lab

Research in the Zooarchaeology Laboratory examines the relationship between humans and animals. We are interested in the animals people used for food, work, and pets in the recent and distant past; we also seek to sort out the understand the impact of changing climates and economies on health and disease.