Location: On Display in the Etruscan Italy Gallery

From: Italy | Etruria | Vulci

Curatorial Section: Mediterranean

Object Number MS557
Current Location Etruscan Italy Gallery - On Display
Culture Etruscan
Provenience Italy | Etruria | Vulci
Locus Tomb 5
Date Made 600-575 BCE
Section Mediterranean
Materials Ceramic
Technique Etrusco-Corinthian

Etrusco-Corinthian Cup. Intact. Skyphos with flaring ring foot and offset rim outward tilted. The inside glazed and decorated at the edge of the rim, the junction of rim and body, and around the floor by purple bands bordered at either side by double white lines. On the outside of the rim alternating black and white rectangles between lines, bordered above and below by dot rows. In the handle zone at both sides a procession of three birds right, a large incised rosette between each pair of three birds in a procession, right; the rosettes have white centers. The handles zone bordered above and below by purple bands; the field filled by shapeless incised blobs. The body below the handlezone glazed; a triple white line at the upper margin of the glaze. Pale buff clay, black to reddish brown glaze, somewhat worn and peeled. Shape: underside of foot has flat circular rim and sloping sides. Foot short. Body depressed spherical shape; no neck. Up short and flaring with rounded edge. Rim narrow with broad mouth. 2 round loop handles attahced mid-shoulder. Decoration: design paint dark brown. Broad purplish red band and three narrow white bands at lower shoulder. Upper wing of water bird purplish red and feathers brown with alternate feathers purplish red. Large rosette has purplish red added to alternate petals. Other fill ornaments in design paint. Shapeless blobs, red added on several. Brown applied to small area either side or handles. Broad purple/red band below lip. Outer rim designed - upper and lower margins fine horizontal brown lines. Handles brown. Interior dark brown paint. Incisions outline wings and feathers of water birds. Also outline and mark features of blob filling ornaments in frieze.

Height 8.4 cm
Outside Diameter 14.4 cm
Credit Line Purchased from Francesco Mancinelli-Scotti, 1896
Other Number 116 - Stevenson Etruscan Series Number

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