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Object Number:MS4800
Current Location: Greece Gallery
Currently On Display
Provenience: Italy (uncertain)
Manufacture Location: Attica
Maker: Dot-Ivy Class
Period: Archaic Greek Period
Date Made: 540-520 BC
Early Date: -540
Late Date: 540-520 BC
Black Glaze
Inscription Language:Etruscan
Height: 21.7 cm
Outside Diameter:13 cm
Credit Line:Purchased from Wilder M. Perry, Exec. of the Estate of Frances Stearns, 1912


Complete except for small chips from front. Front mended in lower part; traces of two sets of clamp holes suggest ancient mend of crack. Echinus foot and tall body; round mouth, band handles rising very slightly above rim. Covered with good black glaze, except for panel at front, and reserved zone below panel. Conventional ornament (band between rows of dots) across top of panel. In panel, 3 warriors fighting (or dancing), a draped spectator to either side. Warriors wear helmets and greaves, and carry shields; no weapons represented. Sketchy incision; purple for head fillets of spectators and fillets around helmet; for crest of one helmet; for bands on drapery of spectators; for skirts of warriors, solid for two, dotted for one; and traces of purple (or white) on shields. Purple band around body at level of bottom of panel, and of bottom of reserved zone below it. Inscription, apparently Etruscan, incised in half circle under floor inside base-ring.

Current & Past Exhibitions:

Ancient Greek World (08 May 1994) View Objects in Exhibition


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