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Watson Kintner (1890-1979) was a Chemical Engineer with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), where he was an early pioneer in the standardization of the vacuum tube. Over a period of 36 years he traveled to more than 30 individual countries, beginning in 1933. This subset of his travel films is from Ecuador.

Number of Videos: 10

Ecuador 1949 Reel 9 of 10

Reel 9 of 10 Unedited travelogue Quito Santo Domingo de los Colorados Indian Village (10 miles north of Santo Domingo)


1949: Reel 9: Ecuador: July 13-15. Quito. Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Colorado (Tsáchila) Indian village 10 miles N. of Santo Domingo. Hand-tools at market. Ice cream. Street scenes. Two trucks passing on narrow road, en route to Santo Domingo.. Shoveling away landslide on road. (Arumba) Delay for several hours causing lineup of trucks. In Santo Domingo. Pentagonal building on square. [1 perf. frame] Raw beef. Street and market. People in public square. Colorado Indian with red cape in center. Two more Colorados touring the town. [mws shows clothing detail) Close-up. Hair plastered to give a stiff umbrella-like shape, protecting eyes. Local man at market. Juviro [?} Indian holding cane with women. Loading horses for trip to jungle to visit Colorado village. Carved wooden saddle. Colorado with yellow cape coming out of jungle. [Colorado Indian] Mr. Kintner on horseback. Muddy jungle trail. Thatched homes and rainbow sunset. Supper at balsa wood table. Colorado women and children, [note: tooth coloration] Thatched roof shed used as chicken coop. Children. Shed for tools. Boys smoking cigarettes. Mr. Robinson was a good guide. Women feeding pig. Indian working on canoe. Boy trying to sell me "rubbers". Woman and boy shucking achioti seeds.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 10 of 10

Reel 10 of 10 Unedited travelogue Colorados Indian Village Santo Domingo Quito


1949: Reel 10: Ecuador / June 26-27. Colorado (Tsáchila) Indian village. Santo Domingo. Quito Achiote tree (yellow clusters). Colorado Indian drying cacao on platform, [l cu, 2mws] Achiote seed "bun", red seeds in wood bowl. Girl coloring hands and forehead with an achiote. Guide making paper with achiote seeds. Indian family group, [cu] Eating by hand out of bowl. Cooked animal. Colorados playing a xylophone. [2mws-l front, 1 side] Lifting balsa bench. Crude sugarcane mill, spiral groove on rollers. Girl carrying water inside gourd. Bananas. Sharpening machete on stone. Chief of village; saying good-bye to chief, [mws and cu] (Santo Domingo) Thatched roof building. [3 shots] Insect, possibly grasshopper. Barbershop. Various buildings. White building with yellow sign: "Botica" is hotel. Homes in Sento. School house. Barbershop. Post office. Ox carrying load. Boy playing panpipes made from bamboo, [good cu] Flowers and butter flies. Waiting to pass on road. Gorge and valley: Quito. Hill and church spires.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 2 of 10

Reel 2 of 10 Unedited travelogue Otalavo Quito Monument on side of hill. Women carrying load of laundry. Washed-out culvert on side of road. Paintings on side walls on house, [mws] Street scenes. Woman carrying two large empty drums on back near public square in Quito. Carrying table. Meat markets. Shaving ice--note: woolen garments. Crabs tied together Unloading freight car by hand. Street scenes. Woman with chickens in bag. On way to Otavalo; erosion of mountains. Fair at Otavalo, 35 miles NE of Quito. Festive costumes. Cleaning street. Weaving. Close-up of Indian women. Farming tools. Wood bowl. Festival dancing at Otavalo fair. Otavalo man with blackened face drinking liquor Carding wool. Women with stiff felt hats and rings on all fingers. Spinning. Playing a kind of bowling game; note: pig tails on men. Market scenes. Carrying wood for fuel. Cooking. Market scene in Otavalo.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 8 of 10

Reel 8 of 10 Unedited travelogue Banos Riobamba Quito


1949: Reel 8: Ecuador: July 13-15. Banos. Riobamba. Quito. Mountain near Banos. Cultivation on steep hills, but no terrace farming. Waterfalls. Thatched roof hut with vegetation growing on roof. Yoke of oxen plowing field. Carved wood door of church, [cu] Cockfight pit with hexagonal roof. Cockfight in pit. Old man with probably homemade guitar, [mws] Women washing clothes at stream with baby on back. Swimming pool. Public laundry at Banos. Swift mountain stream and water falls, [good cu] Part of riverbank undermined by water. Waterfall and mountain. Working on road. Landslide (Arumba). Traveling over muddy road. People carving gourds. [cu] Gorge with stream at bottom. Rock erosion along gorge. Farming in valley. Two Quechua women spinning along roadside, [ws] Train in deep cut. Loaded donkey on way to market. Market. Sheep carried to market on back of woman. Kitchen restaurants. Pile of wool. Loading pigs. Llamas. Giant pottery jar. Thatched hut and man with sheepskin pants.[mws] Thatched roof. Valley and mountains.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 5 of 10

Reel 5 of 10 Unedited travelogue Guayaquil Riobamba 9/0:00 White house with bougainvillea. 6/0:09 Apartment house. 6/0:15 Cemetery. 7/0:21 Vultures on knoll. 6/0:28 Row of houses. 2 3/0:34 On boat going up Guayas River. 16/0:57 Watching ocean-going banana boat. 8/1:13 Rice in boat. 27/1:21 Huts on rafts. 14/1:48 Loading balsawood on shoulder. 11/2:02 River scenes. 4/2:13 Root system of large tree exposed by erosion. 5/2:12 People sleeping on raft 4/2:22 Hut on bank being undermined. 5/2:26 Fishnet in prow of boat. 32/2:31 Loaded barges. 28/3:03 Birds. 42/3:31 Rafts and sweeps. 8/4:13 Rice mill. 82/4:21 Cacao on streets of Guayaquil and market, [some good cuj 4/5:43 Fuller brush man. 7/5:47 Candy. 16/5:54 Streetcars. 7/6:10 On railroad going up to Riobamba-- scenes. 118/6:32 Selling food to passengers. 2/8:30 Switchback and narrow gauge, looking down on station; just passeo; railroad track along river bed. 11/8:32 Thatched hut. 5/8:43 Man in serape. 38/8:48 Sheepskin parts on cowboys. 13/9:26 Woman spinning. 20/9:39 Riobamba. 27/9:59 Soft drink. 4/10:26 Painting on walls. 14/10:3 Load on back. 14/10:44 Flowers. 14/10:58 Marketplace. 8/11:12 Sculptured shrubbery.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 1 of 10

Reel 1 of 10 Unedited travelogue Quito


Views from airplane on way to Quito from Balboa; mountain village. Quito house; steep mountain in background. Homes of well-to-do. Man with brooms and brushes, [walking down sidewalk] Scenes in Quito, tile roofs. Main cathedral and public square. Spiral stairway to roof. Peddler. Marketplace. Woman carrying lumber. Meat and bananas for sale. [mws] People eating. Close-ups of Indians. [6cu] Many locks on same door. Market and people. RCA Victor sign. Spanish window on corner of building. Old church. Flower girl. Homes. Wood-carved doors. Workers carrying heavy lumber. Milkman. View of Quito from high spot. Scenes outside of Quito.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 7 of 10

Reel 7 of 10 Unedited travelogue


Group along road to Ambato. Monument. Sheep in road. Large thatched hut. Cooking: large stirring sticks. [cu of food] Market. Road. Mountain scenes. Ambato. Houses on hill. Cooking. Sculptured shrubbery. Flowers. Festival. Crowded market. Large wood bowls. Crockery: tied up for transportation. Large mats. Decorative trunks. Sewing. [mws] Quechua woman spinning wool. Metal dishes. Soft drink bar. Cooking and eating. Using toes and hands to make rope. Looking down on market from high point. Use of wicker containers as means of measurement. Loading pigs in trucks. Llama on way to Banos. Spinning. Scythe. Crystallized lava. Very deep and narrow gorge; running water at bottom. Water falls in very narrow gorge.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 6 of 10

1949 #6 Ecuador, Reel 6 of 10 Unedited travelogue Railway trip from Guayaquil to Riobamba and Guano


1949: Ecuador: Reel 6/ End of railway trip from Guayaquil to Riobamba and Guano. Cowboy in sheepskin pants. Shop inside wall. Pile of wool. Stiff hard felt hats. Market scenes. Barefoot workers. Several restaurants on street. Dish washing. [1 woman, mws] Riding donkey on extreme rear section. Characteristic rapid gliding pose of people. Boy eating sugarcane. Large restaurant with long table. Busy market. Other market scenes. Countryside. Woman spinning on roadside. Close-up of cacti flowers. Snow-covered mountain base. Flowers. Weavings on vertical loom. Girl doing laundry, standing in stream using "bang-bang" method. Weaving, [boy and girl] Snow-covered mountains: Chimborazo, Tingurahua, and Alter. Sheep on road.

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 4 of 10

1949: Reel 4: Ecuador : July 5-6. (1949) Watson Kintner Reel 4 of 10 Unedited travelogue Guayaquil


Boat on Guayas River in Guayaquil. Unloading boats, boathouses and rafts. Washing feet on raft. [mws of man and raft] Shore and river scene. Unloading coconuts. Bus. Rafts. Family in canoe. Bananas. Market and general scenes around Guayaquil. Homes. Street scenes. "Push" transportation. River scenes. Hut on raft. Sails on canoes. [ws] Cooking on deck. Wheel of fortune, [cu of men and wheel] Scenes in Guayaquil. River views from high point. [8:30-perf. ] Cacao on sidewalk being turned over by feet.[ws of men stomping the beans] Raking cacao beans for drying. More cacao. Red seeds. City from high point. Bougainvillea

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Ecuador 1949 Reel 3 of 10

Reel 3 of 10 Unedited travelogue


Plane ride from Quito to Guayaquil. Otalavo. Market place at Otalavo; note: characteristic black serapes. Wool for sale. Stoves and kitchen tables on display. Donkeys bringing in corn stalks. Another large market place. Washing laundry in stream. Indians in festive carnival costumes.[4:35-cu of festival piper] Bullfight in which only capes and coats are used. Festival group in costume. Mountain scenes. Scenes in Quito near public square. Fluted, spiral columns at entrance of church. Gold statue in hall or vestibule of church. People coming out of church. Patio. Old painting in open corridor of monastery, [mws of 2 monks] Street scenes. Decorative or ceremonial candles. Public square, [band playing] Narrow street. Church. On plane to Guayaquil.

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