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WITH this and subsequent issues of the Bulletin there will be included a limited number of pages of advertising. The Museum’s present resources would not permit the publication of more than three numbers of the Bulletin during the coming year; it was felt, therefore, that the Museum members and other readers would approve of the decision to finance three additional numbers by the inclusion of advertising of a type in keeping with the medium in which it was presented. The decision was met by a gratifying response from those whose advertisements now appear and by a contribution from a generous supporter of Museum activities. It thus becomes possible to report more promptly on our activities at home and in the field; also in furtherance of this aim is the change in publication dates, by which the Bulletin will now appear at approximate two-month intervals throughout the year.

The next issue of the Museum Journal will be published about the first of February. It will be devoted to Mr. C. Leonard Woolley’s annual report on the Joint Expedition to Ur, and to a report by Dr. E. A. Speiser on certain phases of the first two seasons’ work, which he directed, at Tell Billa and Tepe Gawra, Iraq.

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