European Section

Vol. XIX / No. 1

By: Brandon Barringer

On the Track of the Black Pig

“Cian mic Cainte was a wicked Druid who kept an academy near Drogheda, and was wont to change his pupils […]

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Vol. XI / No. 3

By: H. A. Weischhoff

III. Types of Money: Primitive Money

In enumerating the most important types of money which have had validity among primitive peoples, the following arrangement has been […]

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Vol. IX / No. 1

By: V. C. B.

Ancient Needles

THE origin of the sewing needle goes back, beyond written history, to the Palaeolithic age. This was the time when […]

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Vol. V / No. 2

By: E. G.

Bronze Bird Figures from Russia

AMONG the numerous examples of the bronze work from Russia and Siberia recently acquired by the Museum through exchanges with […]

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Vol. III / No. 3-4

The Russian Project

DUE to the double barrier of language and political isolation, the progress of scientific investigation in Russia has remained virtually […]

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Vol. II / No. 1

The Czecho-Slovakian Expedition

POTTERY vessels, bronze earrings, bracelets, arrowheads and iron knives belonging to a period of culture more than five thousand years […]

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Vol. I / No. 4

Proposed Work in Czechoslovakia

THE University Museum and the Peabody Museum of Cambridge, Massachusetts, are sending out their Second Joint Archaeological Expedition to central […]

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Vol. I / No. 2

A New Collection From Central Europe

THE collection of prehistoric objects recently acquired in Bohemia by the Museum contains select series ranging in age from the […]

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Vol. I / No. 1

The Czechoslovakian Expedition

THE first American archaeological expedition to work in Central Europe was that sent jointly last summer by the University Museum […]

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