Mediterranean Section

Italy and Rome

By: G. Roger Edwards

Volume XXII / Number 2

The most recent in a long series of remodelled galleries of the Museum were completed in April of this year. At this time two rooms devoted to the civilizations of ancient Italy and to the Roman Empire were opened to the public. Almost every year since 1949 some section of the Museum has been rearranged […]

Progress at Gordion


By: Rodney S. Young

Volume XVII / Number 4

A comparison of the plan of the city mound at Gordian as it was left at the end of the 1951 season (Fig. 1) with that published in the BULLETIN, Vol. 16, No. 1, Pl. II, at the end of the first campaign will show at a glance not only the progress made, but also […]

Excavations at Sotira


By: P. Dikaios

Volume XVII / Number 1

Subtitle Reference In the summer of 1951 Mr. P. Dikaios, Curator of the Cyprus Museum, excavated at Sotira, the settlement of Neolithic times near Curium. This dig was a joint undertaking of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and the Curium Expedition of the University Museum. The preliminary trial excavation made by Mr. Dikaios in […]



By: R. S. Y

Volume XVI / Number 1

Seventy miles to the southwest of Ankara a long low mound-its Turkish name, Yassihuyuk, means just that-rises beside the Sangarios River a mile or two above its junction with the Porsuk. The railroad line from Istanbul to Ankara, following the valley of the Porsuk and then that of the Sangarios, passes by on the opposite […]


The Amusement Area

By: De Coursey Fales, Jr.

Volume XIV / Number 4

Man has always required entertainment and recreation. As today a man goes to a baseball park or movie-house, so in Greco-Roman times, he went to a stadium, theater, or bath. At Kourion in Cyprus, where the University Museum has been excavating since 1934, there are fine examples of these three types of building. These buildings […]


The Apollo Baths

By: G. H. McF.

Volume XIV / Number 4

Excavations were resumed on the site of the Sanctuary of Apollo during the first week of April of 1949. The area chosen was that east of the lower alley, just beyond the eastern limits of the area excavated during the previous season. On the east side of this alley, and north of a large cave […]

Trial Excavations at Sotira

Site Teppés On Behalf of the University Museum Cyprus Expedition

By: P. Dikaios

Volume XIII / Number 3

The scope of the excavations at Kourion has been broadened to include the investigation of a Neolithic site near Sotira, a village situated about five miles north of the expedition headquarters. The excavations at Sotira are considered part of the work at Kourion, and are sponsored jointly by the University Museum and the Department of […]


Past Achievements and Future Plans

By: J. F. D.

Volume XIII / Number 3

Now that we are perfecting plans for a number of new excavations, it may be well to look back on one excavation which is already in progress, to see what has been accomplished, and to indicate what remains to be done. We began work at the site of the ancient city of Kourion in Cyprus […]


Volume XIII / Number 1

III. Types of Money

Primitive Money

By: H. A. Weischhoff

Volume XI / Number 3

In enumerating the most important types of money which have had validity among primitive peoples, the following arrangement has been according to the commodities which were utilized as money. Several other arrangements may suggest themselves, but since the commodity value appears to have had some bearing upon the selection of the monetary basis, such a […]