A Notice to our Readers

Volume XXII / Number 2

This is the final issue (volume 22, number 2) of the University Museum Bulletin. To succeed the Bulletin, a new quarterly will be issued with volume 1, number 1 appearing in early September. It will be called Expedition: The Bulletin of the University Museum. There will be a change in format as well as name, […]

Iran 1957

Iron Age Hasanlu

By: Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

Volume XXII / Number 2

During the summer of 1957, excavations at Hasanlu, near the south shore of Lake Urmia, were carried out as part of the Hasanlu Project of the University Museum and the Archaeological Service of Iran. The work was directed by the author, assisted by Mr. Taghi Assefi, Inspector of the Archaeological Service who also served as […]

A Second Excavation at Gibeon

By: James B. Pritchard

Volume XXII / Number 2

At the beginning of the 1957 season at el-Jib, the site of the biblical Gibeon, we had a modest and clearly defined objective. It was to discover the depth of the large rock-cut pool which bad been partly excavated in 1956 and about which there was a brief report in Vol. 21, No. I of […]

Italy and Rome

By: G. Roger Edwards

Volume XXII / Number 2

The most recent in a long series of remodelled galleries of the Museum were completed in April of this year. At this time two rooms devoted to the civilizations of ancient Italy and to the Roman Empire were opened to the public. Almost every year since 1949 some section of the Museum has been rearranged […]

Faces of Asia

By: Carleton S. Coon

Volume XXII / Number 1

This communication is one result of a trip around the world taken by Mrs. Coon and myself in the fall, winter, and spring of 1956-57, on behalf of The University Museum. We also received support from The Wenner-Gren Foundation, the Research Institute of the United States Air Force, and LIFE magazine. All the pictures shown […]

A Walk Through the Gallery

African Negro Sculpture

By: Margaret Plass

Volume XXI / Number 4

The new African Gallery has been designed to exhibit, simply and honestly, a selection of sculptures from our permanent collections. Proudly we present them as works of art; where possible they are arranged in tribal groups for convenience and comparative study. They are labeled briefly and clearly. Here are the materials from which our visitors […]


African Negro Sculpture

By: Carleton S. Coon

Volume XXI / Number 4

As you will shortly see-or have just seen-like other racial and ethnic areas, Negro Africa has its own special kind of genius in the art of communication, or in communication by art. The emphases – on sculpture rather than on two-dimensional art, on the choice of the human body – as the principal subject, on […]

The Tikal Project

By: Edwin M. Shook

Volume XXI / Number 3

Since John L. Stephen’s remarkable and justly famous account of his diplomatic journey (1839-1842) and archaeological discoveries in Central America and Mexico, interest in and study of the Pre-Columbian remains in those regions have increased steadily. A long period of exploration followed in Stephen’s wake and it continues to the present day. The results combined […]

“Alonga Bush”

A Tiwi Hunt

By: Jane Goodale

Volume XXI / Number 3

It was April when I arrived on Melville Island, in the company of a small group of men, with the purpose of studying the culture of the Islanders, and it was eight months later that 1 packed up my notebooks and flew home. During this time we were amply supported by the National Geographic Society […]

Further Remarks on the Prostrate Kings

By: H. G. Fischer

Volume XXI / Number 2

It not infrequently happens that a dossier on some class of ancient objects is no sooner closed and the result published when a new, quite unsuspected piece of evidence turns up and has to be left outside the gate. Even in collecting the scanty evidence for so rare and striking a phenomenon as the representation […]