A Notice to our Readers

Originally Published in 1958

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This is the final issue (volume 22, number 2) of the University Museum Bulletin.

To succeed the Bulletin, a new quarterly will be issued with volume 1, number 1 appearing in early September. It will be called Expedition: The Bulletin of the University Museum. There will be a change in format as well as name, with larger pages which will permit better and more satisfactory photographs. Articles will cover the work of the Museum Staff not only in the field but at home. From time to time there will be articles by museum workers in other institutions, touching on topics of interest to us. The quarterly will feature scientific but popular articles with occasional notes regarding the Museum Staff and their activities.

This is not the first time the Museum has launched a new periodical. The first, The Bulletin of the Free Museum of Science and Art, had only three volumes running from 1897 to 1902; then came the Transactions, 1904-1907, in two volumes; the Museum Journal began in 1910 and concluded with volume 24, number 3, in 1935. Discovery had two volumes only, from 1930 to 1932; while the University Museum Bulletin has run from 1930 to I958. Expedition is thus our sixth serial publication.

Expedition will be sent not only to the Membership but to all the libraries and institutions on our exchange list (about three hundred). It will also be available for purchase. It will, like the Bulletin, be indexed in the Art Index.

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