Proposed Work in Czechoslovakia

Originally Published in 1930

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THE University Museum and the Peabody Museum of Cambridge, Massachusetts, are sending out their Second Joint Archaeological Expedition to central Europe early in June. Fourteen weeks will be devoted to excavations in the several provinces of Czechoslovakia. Headed by V. J. Fewkes, the staff will consist of six men, equally representing the two institutions. The purpose of the Expedition is threefold: further excavations will he carried out in three of the nineteen sites explored last summer, in order to pursue definite problems and to seek their solution; all efforts will be made to secure material from culture levels not discovered during the last season; reconnaissance work will he carried on in Yugoslavia in order to make preliminary preparations for systematic exploration in the Balkan states next year.

The work in Czechoslovakia will be done in cooperation with the State Archeological Institute in Prague, whose buildings will be used for the Expedition’s headquarters. Permission for excavations in Yugoslavia has been granted by the Minister of the Interior and the details are now being arranged.

Members of the University Museum who may be travelling in central Europe this summer are cordially invited to visit the excavations of the Expedition. Should any wish to avail themselves of this opportunity they may obtain information from the Museum or from the State Archaeological Institute in Prague.

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