Varied Activities in the Field

Originally Published in 1933

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IN addition to the expeditions reported elsewhere in these pages, activities have commenced at three other areas in which the Museum is interested. Mr. Eugene Golomshtok left in April for Russia where he expects to continue the survey of Russian archaeological and anthropological investigations that claimed his attentions two years ago. In addition, he will himself engage in active field work in collaboration with Russian organizations.

Mr. Edgar B. Howard has returned to New Mexico to continue the search for evidences of prehistoric man that he has been conducting during the past two years under the auspices of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and this Museum.

Miss Frederica de Laguna, this year in collaboration with Dr. Kaj Birket-Smith, has resumed the study of early Eskimo and prehistoric sites in the vicinity of Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay, Alaska. This work is being sponsored jointly by the National Museum of Denmark and the University Museum.

It is confidently expected that the three projects mentioned will afford important additional knowledge in their respective fields, and we may look for some account of their progress in time for inclusion in the next Bulletin.

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