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THE next number of the Bulletin, that for August, will not appear until sometime in September. It is felt that many of our readers will be away during the summer months and so out of touch with the Museum, and that it would be better, therefore, to postpone publication. More particularly, however, is this postponement made to permit devoting the major part of the coming issue to the Museum’s notable collection of Etruscan art, which will for the first time be adequately displayed upon completion of its installation-which is now in progress-in the Sharpe wing.

The publication date of this present issue of the Bulletin will coincide approximately with that of the Museum Journal, volume XXIII, number 4. It is thought that this Journal will have a particularly widespread appeal in that it is devoted to Dr. Erich Schmidt’s report on the first year’s work of the Joint Expedition to Tepe Hissar, near Damghan, Persia.

There is now in press a fully illustrated, descriptive catalogue, prepared by Dr. Leon Legrain, of the Luristan Bronzes in the Museum. The Museum’s collection is a notable one, well deserving of the complete publication which it will now receive. This catalogue, which includes also a short history of the Luristan bronzes, will be published in the early autumn.

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