Originally Published in 1934

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THIS, the first number of volume 5 of the Bulletin, is dated January instead of December, and the succeeding numbers will appear at two- month intervals, thus bringing all numbers of the volume within one calendar year and eliminating the long period from June to October, when, heretofore, no Bulletin has appeared.

The Museum has for free distribution to members only a few copies of the Illustrated Souvenir of the Exhibition of Persian Art which was held in London in 1931. This book contains a brief introduction and a hundred pages of plates, five of them in color. The book may be obtained at the Museum, or it will be sent upon receipt of twenty cents in stamps to cover mailing costs.

A publication of much importance will appear about the first of the year: it is Luristan Bronzes in the University Museum, by Dr. Leon Legrain, curator of the Museum’s Babylonian Section. Dr. Legrain’s monograph-consists of a short history of the Luristan bronzes, a complete descriptive catalogue of all the pieces in the Museum’s collection, and twenty-five large collotype plates fully illustrating the collection.

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