The How-To-Make-It Club

Originally Published in 1935

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IN December the How-To-Make-It Club begins its third year. Organized to bring to a larger group of boys and girls an appreciation of Museum things the Club now boasts eight hundred members from all over the United States and some foreign countries. During the coming year it is hoped that the number of members will reach several thousand.

An illustrated booklet or codex
Plate X — Projects of the How-To-Make-It-Club
Objects from the Museum’s collections which will be reproduced by the members of the How-To-Make-It Club using materials furnished by the Club.
Aztec Codex. Reproduction of the codex telling the story of the exploits of Eight Deer, and Aztec Hero
A bow drill
Plate X — Eskimo Bow Drill
Museum Object Numbers: NA4488
Image Number: 30496

Each month, except during the summer, members of the How-To- Make-It Club receive a gift package containing all the materials and full directions for making some exciting object from an ancient time or a primitive race. It may be a mirror used by the Pharoahs of Egypt or a mask worn by our own American Indians. From the extensive collections of the Museum, the Club endeavours to choose gifts that the members will not only really enjoy making, but that will be interesting or amusing to play with when completed. Plate X illustrates the objects to be made by Club members during the coming year.

A fly whisk
Plate X — Pelew Islands Fly Whisk
A circular handheld mirror
Plate X — Egyptian Mirror
Image Number: 30495

The materials correspond as nearly as possible to those used in the original objects and even such items as needle and thread and paste are furnished when required for the making. All the details are carefully worked out by the Educational Department of the Museum. Each gift is complete in itself and some of the presents have been so popular that the Club now keeps on hand a supply of all the gifts published in the past two years and these may be purchased separately if so desired.

Beaded and feather ornments
Plate X — Arawak Dance Ornaments (as they will be made by the How-To-Make-It Club members)
A cuneiform inscribed tablet and stylus
Plate X — Chaldean Clay Tablet
Image Number: 30494

Membership in the How-To-Make-It Club is $3.50. The Club is particularly designed for children between the ages of seven and fourteen, but there are now several adult members. A membership is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift and the subscription may be started at any time. Certainly the How-To-Make-It Club is entirely unique in the field of Museum work.

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