Adventures in Art

Originally Published in 1935

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THE Museum Studio is starting its sixth season, each year having seen a large increase in attendance and in opportunities. In 1930 the Studio opened with a little group of ten boys and girls who reconstructed miniature models of primitive dwellings. The following years various requests came for additional classes and the attendance has grown until this year it will be necessary to limit the number of members to one hundred.


The Studio offers children an opportunity for adventures in art which may be selected according to their own choices. On Saturday mornings from 10:30 until 12 beginning October 26th, classes will be held in wood-carving, mask-making, pottery and sculpture, water-color sketching and designing for crafts. The Museum’s fine collections will serve as inspiration for original work to be done by children from seven to seventeen years of age.

A special kindergarten class is being arranged by request for five and six-year-old children and they too will learn to appreciate beauty as they follow these adventures in arts and crafts.

The fee for twenty lessons is $5.


Gallery Talks by the Curators and Assistants of the Museum will be held each week for parents of the children during the hours of the Studio. The talks will be in the nature of round table discussions and objects from the various collections will be assembled and circulated during the classes. The fee for eighteen classes is $5.


In response to a large number of requests classes in mask-making and pottery and sculpture for adults are being arranged during the week and other studio classes may be organized upon the request of at least six applicants. The fee for ten lessons is $10.

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