The Lock Haven and Texas Expeditions

Originally Published in 1930

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THE Lock Haven Expedition, under the direction of Dr. Mason, and later of Dr. Davidson, was organized during the summer for the purpose of investigating the archaeological sites along the western branch of the Susquehanna River, and other regions in the western part of the state, practically unexplored territories from an archaeological point of view. The ultimate objective of the preliminary survey made this summer is to establish a chronological sequence of occupancy for the Iroquoian, Algonkian, Mound Builder, and prehistoric tribes known to have occupied the region at different times.

Mound house dug by Mason, showing various floors Alibates Creek, Canadian River
Plate V — Excavation in the Mound, Alibates Creek Site, Texas
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Three major sites were worked, and all farms in the neighborhood upon which finds had been reported were visited and inspected. The contents of the pits explored were removed to the Museum for classification and study which has been begun.

Dr. Mason left Dr. Davidson in charge of the work at Lock Haven in the middle of July, and went to Texas to survey another section of the country which has been much neglected by archaeologists. Here the objective was to ascertain what light future excavations might throw on the relationships of the better known surrounding Mexican, Pueblo, Plains and Southeastern Indian cultures. Dr. Mason and his staff visited many sites in the Pan-handle district, and made a number of exploratory excavations. Assisted by Dr. Holden of West Texas Technological College, by members of the Texas Archaeological Society, and by a number of interested individuals, they were able to make a very promising report of the many sites and distinctive cultures evidenced in that part of the country. Later Dr. Mason traveled through south Texas investigating caves about Del Rio on the Rio Grande, and shell mounds along the Gulf Coast, returning thence to the neighborhood of Navajo Mountain for a survey of sites there available for excavation.

Full reports on both expeditions, by Dr. Davidson on Lock Haven and by Dr. Mason on Texas, are published in the December number of the Museum Journal.

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