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Originally Published in 1936

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ANNUALLY a considerable number of papers are published in various popular and scientific journals bearing upon the work of the Museum and its collections. Written either by members of the staff or by outside specialists, these represent a considerable body of material which has not hitherto in any way been brought together. It is therefore proposed that an Extract Series be inaugurated and of every such paper published a limited number of reprints or extracts be acquired for the Museum’s files and for limited distribution among the higher classes of membership and friends of the Museum. Readers who might be interested in receiving copies of the Extracts will communicate with the Secretary.

Four Issues of Extracts will be available forthwith:

  1. Number 1. Preserving Ancient America’s Finest Sculptures, by J. Alden Mason (from the National Geographic Magazine, November 1935)
  2. Number 2. A Signed and Dated Seljuq Qur’an, by Richard Ettinghausen (from the Bulletin of the American Institute for Persian Art and Archaeology, January 1936)
  3. Number 3. Chinese Paintings in the International Exhibition, by H. H. F. Jayne (from Parnassus, February 1936)
  4. Number 4. Sculpture in the Chinese Exhibition in London, by Osvald Siren (from Parnassus, February 1936)

Members of the Museum and subscribers to the Bulletin are requested to return to the Museum files out of print numbers of the Journal which are not of use to them. The following numbers are particularly needed; Vol. XIII. 4, Vol. XIV. 1, 2, 3, Vol. XV. 1, Vol. XVII. 2, 3, Vol. VIII. 1, Vol. XXI 3-4 (double number), Vol. XXII. 1, 2.

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