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DURING the past year the Museum, through the aid of a grant from the Eldridge Reeves Johnson Fund of the American Philosophical Society, has been able to publish several volumes of scientific publications that go a long way toward bringing its publication program up to date. These volumes are concerned with the results of extensive field work which the limited resources of the Museum had not previously been able to bring to press although several had long been awaiting publication and will be of great benefit to scholars and students. It is hoped that during the coming year this program of publication can be continued. The following volumes have been completed under this grant or will be within a short time.

The Four Canaanite Temples of Beth-shan by Alan Rowe.
This volume deals with the temples of Rameses II, Seti I and Amenophis III excavated by the Palestinian Expedition at Beth-shan. 70 plates, 4 folded plans in color. Publication date: June I, 1939. Price $15.

The Sherbro of Sierra Leone by H. U. Hall.
Final report of the expedition to Sierra Leone, West Africa, conducted during 1936-37 by the University Museum with the aid of the American Philosophical Society. 25 pages, text, 18 pages plates, 1 map. Price $2.

The Eyak Indians of the Copper River Delta, Alaska by Kaj Birket-Smith and Frederica De Laguna.
This volume covers ethnological material obtained by a joint expedition of the University Museum and the Danish National Museum in 1933. The archaeological work has been published. Price $6.00.

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