The Sharpe Memorial Gallery

Originally Published in 1930

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Plate VII — The Sharpe Memorial Gallery
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THE Sharpe Memorial Gallery, given in memory of Richard and Sallie P. Sharpe of Wilkes-Barre, by their children, Mr. Richard Sharpe and Miss Mary A. Sharpe, and the late Miss Sallie Sharpe, Miss Elizabeth M. Sharpe and Mrs. Henry St. George Tucker, was formally opened on the afternoon of November 21st with a private view and tea in the Members Room.

The choicest pieces of the Museum’s Mediterranean collections have been installed in the Gallery, comprising representative examples of Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Cretan, Cypriote and Phoenician art. A generous endowment given by the Sharpe family, in addition to the gift of the gallery itself, provides an income to be used for the purchase of objects to further supplement the collections on exhibition in the Gallery.

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