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Primitive Money

By: H. A. Weischhoff

Originally Published in 1945

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For those who should like to pursue this subject farther than this short bulletin allows, the following list of publications may serve as a guide:


Angell, N., The Story of Money, London, 1930.

Burns, A. R., Money and Monetary Policy in Early Times, London, 1927.

Del Mar, A., Money and Civilization, London, 1886.

Primitive Peoples

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_________, Rossel Island, An Ethnological Study, Cambridge, 1928.

Herskovits, M. J., The Economic Lile of Primitive Peoples, New York, 1940. pp. 213- 230.

Schurtz, H., Grundriss einer Entstehungsgeschichte des Geldes, Weimar, 1898.

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Tueting, L. T. “Native Trade in Southeast New Guinea,” Bernice P. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers, Vol. XI, No. 15, 1935.

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