Recent Accessions to the Collections

Originally Published in 1930

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IN addition to the many important objects resulting from the various excavations sponsored in whole or in part by the Museum, the collections have been notably increased in the past half year by certain gifts and loans which have not hitherto been reported.

Among the gifts it is pleasant to acknowledge the following: from Mrs. Hampton L. Carson, twenty-eight North American Indian specimens; from Dr. Constantin Dumbrava (through Dr. Henry G. Bryant), a group of examples of Eskimo fur costumes from the East Coast of Greenland; from Mrs. W. D. Anderson, a tapa cloth and two strings of cowrie shells; from Dr. Judson Daland, an example of African bark-cloth; from Dr. Mathew D. Kelley, a North American Indian medicine bundle; from Mrs. Edward S. Sayres, three pieces of beadwork; through the bequest of Henry Crecy Yarrow, an interesting group of American Indian baskets and other ethnological objects.

A collection of Greek, Etruscan, Babylonian and other archaeological specimens totaling three hundred and sixty-four objects has been lent by Miss Elise B. Robinson. Miss Christine Harris has deposited a collection of eighty-three Siamese ethnological specimens.

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