Originally Published in 1930

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IT is proposed to issue each month during the winter an illustrated Bulletin of which this number is the first. In these pages the latest reports from the Museum’s Expeditions will be summarized and recent additions to the collections described. The Bulletin will be sent free to all members of the Museum and may he subscribed to separately at the rate of two dollars the volume. A limited number of postcards of the various illustrations in each issue will be regularly available.

The Museum Journal will continue to be issued four times a year but will contain scientific articles of a more definitive nature. Each issue will contain articles treating of a single field only, though the material in successive numbers will be constantly varied. The subscription rate will be three dollars a year or three dollars for four parts, which will enable those whose interest is confined to a single field to secure only those parts of particular interest to them. Further details of the arrangement are to be found in the December issue of the Journal.

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