Junior Membership

Originally Published in 1930

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A CONSIDERABLE extension of the opportunities for the interest and instruction of children has been initiated this fall in the form of a Junior Membership, open to boys and girls between the ages of eight and fourteen. The privileges following enrollment as a Junior Member include admission to the Story Hours and to a number of special entertainments and motion picture programs. A Junior Bulletin will be issued each month, and the Junior Members will have their own Studio on the first floor of the new wing.

Enrollment in the Studio, which will be open every Saturday, is offered for a limited number of Junior Members, between the ages of ten and fourteen, who would like to make such things as Indian or Lake Dwellers’ Villages or reproductions of ancient crafts.

Miss Moore will be in charge of the work and play of Junior Members, assisted in the Studio by Miss Florence Musselman. The Junior Membership fee is five dollars, and enrollment in the Studio five dollars additional.

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