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TWO volumes of the publications on the Museum’s work at Beisan have just been issued by the University of Pennsylvania Press: “The History and Topography of Beisan,” by Alan Rowe ($15.00) and “The Four Canaanite Temples, Part II, The Pottery,” by G. H. Fitz Gerald ($5.00). Part I is in preparation and will appear shortly.

The Museum Journal, Vol. XXI No. 1, in press, comprises two articles on Central American exploration and archaeology: “The Excavations of Chocol√°” and ” Explorations in Western Guatamala,” both by Robert Burkitt.

The Museum is sponsoring a new periodical, “Discovery,” issued monthly from October to May. It treats briefly of the progress of research in archaeology, anthropology and geography throughout the world. While particularly adapted to the uses of education, it will also have a wide appeal as a medium providing concise information of a general nature in these fields. (Subscription $2.50 yearly.)

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