Death of T. Broom Belfield

Originally Published in 1931

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THE Board of Managers of the Museum has suffered a heavy loss in the recent death of T. Broom Belfield, its oldest member and one who always was outstanding among those interested in the development of the collections and the progress of the Museum’s work. Elected to the Board in 1914, he served with diligence and wisdom until his death on January fifth at the age of eighty-three. There were only five meetings of the board which he failed to attend, and he followed the development of its many projects with close personal interest.

Certain phases of the Oriental Section owe their existence to Mr. Belfield’s generosity, and he was an unobtrusive yet constant contributor to the general activities. To a few such as Mr. Belfield, the Museum owes its steady development during the years since its foundation, and of those none will be more sincerely missed.

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