The Cyprus Expedition

Originally Published in 1931

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THE Museum has lately undertaken to sponsor small scale excavations on the island of Cyprus in order to fill a necessary gap in its extended program of research in the Mediterranean area. As we go to press the work is just begun and no results have as yet been reported, but the next issue of the Bulletin should include preliminary details.

The Museum is fortunate in having the work conducted by Dr. B. H. Hill, lately Director of the American School in Athens, and Dr. Hill selected Lapithos as the site of his investigations on behalf of the Museum. Its time range is attractive, since there is evidence of remains dating from prehistoric times clown to the Byzantine period. From Eastern Persia, through Assyria, Babylonia, Palestine, and Cyprus to Italy, from Egypt to Central Europe, the Museum now has established singularly productive points of research which, if they can be pursued in a properly correlated manner during the years to come, will unquestionably aid in the solution of the problems of the origins, development and diffusion of civilization.

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