An Unusual Opportunity

Originally Published in 1932

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THE Museum is privileged to exhibit, temporarily at least and permanently it is to be hoped, a large collection of North American Indian Art made by the late Charles H. Stephens. It is a rare occasion to see some of the most admirable and exceptional examples of material of this character ever assembled. Through the kindness of Mrs. Stephens and Mr. D. Owen Stephens, the Museum is accorded the first opportunity to acquire the entire collection. Not only have the present owners been most generous in the modest financial requirements involved, but pending the raising of the necessary funds have kindly permitted the collection to remain in the possession of the Museum. It is hoped that this rare chance to add to the collections of the City a large group of objects of wide artistic and historical appeal will not be lost. With the failure to obtain the usual contribution from the City for the support of its work and through the diminution of its other income the Museum’s resources are sorely taxed to continue its normal activities. The funds to be used in acquiring the Stephens collection must, therefore, come from outside sources. It is sincerely asked that members and friends of the Museum, and all those who still have high regard for the cultural eminence of Philadelphia, give their support to this worthy undertaking.

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